reborn, in another place...

Welcome to Ventura County, California. Ventura has long been the home of a unique and quirky species - myths and legends, reborn from another time and place. No one knows just quite how or why they're here - or why they've settled and are drawn to Ventura, but they're here to stay. Some remain unaware until the age of 30, where memories slowly filter back, some discover their destiny at an early age, and some have to go through a traumatic or character-defining moment to gain that insight. However they discover it, they soon find they're not alone. Aware Reborns are able to detect other Reborns, either Aware or Unaware. They can't tell who they were, they just know there's something different about them.

Those seeking their beloveds may not be aware of them until that all-defining moment where their true feelings are revealed. Some are unlucky enough to never find them at all. Anything can happen, and anyone can be discovered in Ventura, the home of myths and legends..

room rules

  • - All IC Rules apply.
    - No one under the age of 18.
    - No avatars greater than 600h x 900w.
    - No excessive OoC, all non-related OoC to PM.
    - No unnecessary drama: it's not needed, and not tolerated.
    - Character sheets are required, but it's not necessary to have ridiculously long ones.
    - There are no powers within this room - all characters are human. There are however, affinities. For more information, check the Forum.
  • This room is maintained by Punky, and moderated by Rizz and Rumor. All ideas run through us. We're all available through the Forum, or just PM us in the room.

Daylight Fading : Friday Harbor, WA

Several years ago, a few Reborns left their well-established home in Ventura County and left for the unknown; heading for the seaside, thriving town of Friday Harbor, on San Juan Island in Washington State. The move drew a few more Reborns, and now there's a steady, small community in this beautiful town. While most of the revenue focuses on the sea, there is a rapidly growing artisanal community, from vintage antiques, to wines, food, craft beers and even refurbished caravans and specialty-designed small houses.

Daylight Fading : Friday Harbor, WA is a sub-room of Reborn. All characters will adhere to the same rules and guidelines as the main room.